Sunday, March 24, 2013

8 months

How does this keep happening?  I feel like he was just seven months old yesterday...and the day before that was six months.  And didn't we just bring him home from the hospital a couple weeks ago?  It seems no matter how hard a girl tries, time keeps a-movin'.

Now somehow we have a little one that I feel like is almost more toddler than baby.  He crawls and plays and dances to music and investigates every. little. thing.  Each day he is able to do something that he couldn't the day before.  It is pretty freakin' amazing to watch.  Even though now he has learned that crying=adult attention and uses it to full advantage...and every diaper change turns into a wrestling match.  Also, a little personality is emerging: sweet and sensitive, silly and playful.

Weston we love you so.  You are our favorite thing about waking up every morning and coming home at night.  Happy eight months precious boy!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Month 7 and Spring Break

Doing a little catching up today before Spring Break ends and it's back to having no time for anything.  I swear I don't know how you working moms update your blogs on the regular.  Hats off to you my friends.

So, since we left off we've celebrated Valentine's Day and a 7 month birthday with our little love bug.

Happy day of love!

A 7 month old wiggle worm.

He is growing WAY too fast.  I know that's the worst of cliches and every mother in the world says it about her child, but I don't think you truly understand it until it's least I didn't.

Motherhood has been so strange in that I'm in a constant state of wanting to see what the next stage brings and at the same time wishing he would stay this little or go back to when he was a newborn and didn't try to wiggle away every time I held him.  Bittersweet: that word doesn't seem quite right but it's the only one I can think of to describe the feeling.

My two babies.
And then, there's the love.  The most painfully happy love you've ever felt in your life that makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time.  So, that's where I am these days longing for the past, anticipating the future, but most of all loving this amazing gift of my little family.

Enough mushiness...moving on.

Wanna know one of the great things about being a teacher?  It's called Spring. Break.  And we took full advantage of a few days off.

Starting with gorgeous spring weather and a trip to the zoo...along with everyone else within a 60 mile radius of Memphis it seemed.

Always down for a stroll.

All these folks had the same idea we had.

Mmmmm....frozen lemonade.

Cutest monkey ever.
But we had fun and Weston seemed like he was watching the animals most of the least that's what I told myself.  But I'm pretty sure his favorite part was the few bites of frozen lemonade I shared with him.

Then my mom and I met up with my cousin's little girl and we headed to Branson for a few days. 

Backseat buddies
I've loved this little sweetie pie since she was smaller than Weston.  Watching the two of them together makes my heart happy.  She spent the car ride talking baby talk and offering explanations for what each little coo and babble might mean.  She also makes one heck of a babysitter.

Each other's entertainment

Checkin' out the trout at the fish hatchery
Note to self:  when you travel somewhere with a 9 year old, you're inevitably subjecting yourself to only activities that a 9 year old would find acceptable.  Examples include the indoor swimming pool, miniature golf, arcade games, and the indoor swimming pool.  Also, shopping does not fall into the category of acceptable.

Since we've made it back home it's snowed 3 inches...which may not sound like anything to some but we live in Arkansas and it's the end of March. And it was 78 degrees less than a week ago.  Crazy.

Anyway, now we're spending the last few hours of our Spring Break alternating between household chores and being completely lazy.  A perfect way to end the break I'd say.

And this is what we think of going back to work:

Happy spring everyone!