Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Months

Weston at one month and two months...we are losing hair and gaining fat rolls and pinchable cheeks.
 Holy moly!  How can a baby change so much in just one short month?!  And how can I already love something so much?

Weston, you are, without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I feel like in the last few weeks I've finally become the person I was meant to be...all because of you.  I don't know how else to describe it other than to say that being your mom makes me want to be the best of who I am.  Everyday with you brings me the greatest joy. 

You are such a happy baby and you love to smile and laugh...my favorite sound.  You are getting good at lifting your head up but you still prefer to exercise those legs during tummy time.  Lately you've been staring at your hands and feet and figuring out they are attached to you.  When you're awake, you are always alert and looking around at what's going on.  And, Lord have mercy, you are the squirmiest little thing.  I'm guessing this means you will be very active when you start crawling and walking???  Daddy and I are trying to prepare ourselves.

Happy two months to the little boy that makes our world go 'round.  We love you more than you will ever know.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Card

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I'm posting our birth announcements that I just ordered (2 months late...I know, I know) so I can get a discount on my next Shutterfly order. I just can't resist a discount. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunny days, chasing the clouds away...

I give today's weather a perfect 10.  And yesterday's for that matter.  It. is. awesome.  There's something almost magical to me about when the seasons change from summer to fall and winter to spring.  And those first few days of change when the weather is so absolutely beautiful that you can't help but spend time outside...perfection. 

So today, we decided to have some tummy time in the backyard.  We also read a book, sang some songs, and played fetch with Dixie.  Here are a few pics.
Instead of lifting his head up, Weston likes to push with his legs and lift his little booty in the air.  :)
I couldn't get a smile out of him...I think he was distracted by all the new sights and sounds.
I cannot get enough of the eyelashes.
Or this face.
"Enough pictures mom."
What a great day.  Come to think of it, everyday I get to spend with my baby boy is a great day.  But we prefer them with perfect weather. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's up doc?

One health baby...that's what's up! 

Today was our two-month checkup and first round of vaccinations.  Ugh.  But our little guy was a super trooper (as long as we ignore one small hissy fit when we first arrived...and by small I mean so loud I could barely hear what the nurse was saying) and only cried for a few seconds after his shots.  Plus J took a long lunch break so he could go with us which means he got to hold Weston while he got poked and I didn't even have to watch.  Thanks daddy!

Weston now weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz. (55th percentile) and is 23.8 inches long (80th percentile).  Our baby is growing so fast!  The doctor says he's doing great and even told us...wait for it..."You're doing an awesome job."  Sigh...sometimes you just need someone to say it out loud...even if you're not entirely sure it's true. :)

On our way to the doc!  Could I love this little punkin' any more?  Doubtful.

Battle scars.
Hangin' out with big sister makes everything better...Dixie's not so sure. 
(I'm loving the little jelly rolls on his legs!)
Bonus:  Brother man has slept like a champ all afternoon.  And check out those eyelashes.  I die.
Does anything feel better than knowing your child is healthy and happy?  I'm thinking no...so grateful.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Around the house

We've finally gotten semi-settled into a routine around here...ya' know, now that I only have two weeks until I go back to work (sniff, sniff) and it all gets shot to heck again.  I'm very hesitant to even put this in print because as soon as I say he will behave a certain way, the complete opposite happens...but, Weston's been pretty good about napping during the day and sleeping for several hours at night.  Thank you Jesus.  The crying marathons are getting fewer and further between and, most of the time, we can figure out how to make them stop.  So, right now I'm feeling pretty lucky and blessed because, for the most part, we have a happy, healthy baby.

Here are a few pics from around the house this week.
Sharp-dressed man
Male pattern baldness.  That full head of hair he was born with is slowly receding and being replaced by some nice peach fuzz. :)
This happy baby loves bathtime.  It's always a prime chance to pee on mom and to stare at himself in the mirror. 
Baby's best friend
We celebrated my grandmother's 97th birthday with family this weekend.  We ate lots of food and Weston got passed around and played attention hog. 
Tomorrow we're off to the doctor for two-month shots and this girl is having severe anxiety about my sweet baby getting stabbed with a needle.  I'm gonna say there's about a 100% chance we will both leave in tears.  Here's hoping all goes well. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Target and pumpkin spice lattes...these are a few of my favorite things

What makes this girl happy? Well, that question has multiple answers, but one of them is a successful trip with just me and my boy to Target. Some may or may not be aware of a slight obsession I have with Target...as in, about 75% of my wardrobe comes from there. So when my first attempt to take Weston a few weeks ago was an epic fail, I thought my Target shopping days were over.  But yesterday I decided to try again.  And I knew it was gonna be a good day when the first thing I saw was that the in-store Starbucks is now serving pumpkin spice lattes...mmmm...heaven in a cup.  And besides a short crying session in the shoe department, Weston was a perfect little angel.  Apologies to the man who came around the corner and heard me shushing, then turned around and shushed his wife...I promise I wasn't telling you to be quiet.

So, mama was able to buy some shoes and baby got some new shades.

And a happy mama makes a happy baby. :)

If you're wondering why I would write about a trip to Target, it's because this is big for us me.  A few weeks ago, I was afraid my life would be limited to 30 minute trips to the grocery store before J calls and says the baby won't stop crying...or the only eating out we would do would be from a drive-thru.  But this Target trip gives me hope.  Hope that I won't die of cabin fever and that as much as it irritates you when you have a tiny baby and people tell you "it gets better"...it is actually getting better. 

We're learning what Weston likes and dislikes and how to keep him happy...and I think that may be my most favorite thing of all.  Plus raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm sure I'm way behind for just now discovering this, but I just downloaded the free pic stitch app on my phone. Love it!

Sounds like a good excuse to post pictures of an adorable baby I know! :)

This little fella has been practicing his sweet smile on mom lately. It's sure gonna be hard to say no to that face!


One month.  How is it possible that this baby has been here one month?  (Update: Weston is actually 6 weeks now...his mama has just been too busy to finish this post that's been sitting unfinished for over a week.)  And he's changed so much already, I can hardly keep up.  I've found that a HUGE part of being a parent is hanging on to fleeting moments and trying to enjoy them to the fullest...at least it's been that way for me.  It's so easy to get overwhelmed with a newborn when he's not able to do anything for himself, but I've had to stop and remind myself that he's only this little for such a short time...and I'd better soak up every second.  Because all too soon he won't need me to put his paci back in when it falls out, or feed him, or change his diaper.  So, that's what's been happening around here...me trying to enjoy every little detail about this short time when I'm home with my boy and it's just the two of us. 

But, there have been a few happenings other than sitting on our butts at home.

We've had LOTS of visitors...these are just a few.

Cousin Brittany

Cousin Bre.  Shout out to Bre and Britt for driving 2 hours and cleaning my house, folding my laundry, and taking me out for Mexican food before I went to the hospital.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...best. family. ever.
My good friend Christy

Aunt Debbie

Weston's great grandma "KK"
My best friend Brittany
Cousin Amy
We had our first photoshoot.

The pictures are by Natalie Gray Photography...we loved her!
 Weston met his grandpa for the first time.

My dad had to move to Colorado for work a month before Weston arrived, so he wasn't able to be there with the rest of the family when he was born.  Now my mom has moved out there too...tears :(
We survived a wedding on a boat with no major meltdowns.  Congrats to my cousin Brittany and my new cousins JB and Noah!

Eyes closed...classic.

This is me praying Weston wouldn't start screaming at the reception.
We've made the two and a half hour trip to grandma and grandpa's twice before they officially "moved" but I don't have any pictures.

And I've done lots and lots of snuggling with my sweet boy.  I hope he's always down to cuddle like this with his mama.  Nothing makes my heart happier.
Please ignore hair...mine, not Weston's.
Now that my parents live on the other side of the country, I promise to try and keep the blog updated...especially with baby stuff.  If you're not into baby stuff, then you just don't know what's cute. :)