Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's up doc?

One health baby...that's what's up! 

Today was our two-month checkup and first round of vaccinations.  Ugh.  But our little guy was a super trooper (as long as we ignore one small hissy fit when we first arrived...and by small I mean so loud I could barely hear what the nurse was saying) and only cried for a few seconds after his shots.  Plus J took a long lunch break so he could go with us which means he got to hold Weston while he got poked and I didn't even have to watch.  Thanks daddy!

Weston now weighs 11 lbs. 10 oz. (55th percentile) and is 23.8 inches long (80th percentile).  Our baby is growing so fast!  The doctor says he's doing great and even told us...wait for it..."You're doing an awesome job."  Sigh...sometimes you just need someone to say it out loud...even if you're not entirely sure it's true. :)

On our way to the doc!  Could I love this little punkin' any more?  Doubtful.

Battle scars.
Hangin' out with big sister makes everything better...Dixie's not so sure. 
(I'm loving the little jelly rolls on his legs!)
Bonus:  Brother man has slept like a champ all afternoon.  And check out those eyelashes.  I die.
Does anything feel better than knowing your child is healthy and happy?  I'm thinking no...so grateful.

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