Saturday, September 8, 2012

Target and pumpkin spice lattes...these are a few of my favorite things

What makes this girl happy? Well, that question has multiple answers, but one of them is a successful trip with just me and my boy to Target. Some may or may not be aware of a slight obsession I have with in, about 75% of my wardrobe comes from there. So when my first attempt to take Weston a few weeks ago was an epic fail, I thought my Target shopping days were over.  But yesterday I decided to try again.  And I knew it was gonna be a good day when the first thing I saw was that the in-store Starbucks is now serving pumpkin spice lattes...mmmm...heaven in a cup.  And besides a short crying session in the shoe department, Weston was a perfect little angel.  Apologies to the man who came around the corner and heard me shushing, then turned around and shushed his wife...I promise I wasn't telling you to be quiet.

So, mama was able to buy some shoes and baby got some new shades.

And a happy mama makes a happy baby. :)

If you're wondering why I would write about a trip to Target, it's because this is big for us me.  A few weeks ago, I was afraid my life would be limited to 30 minute trips to the grocery store before J calls and says the baby won't stop crying...or the only eating out we would do would be from a drive-thru.  But this Target trip gives me hope.  Hope that I won't die of cabin fever and that as much as it irritates you when you have a tiny baby and people tell you "it gets better" is actually getting better. 

We're learning what Weston likes and dislikes and how to keep him happy...and I think that may be my most favorite thing of all.  Plus raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

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  1. That smile is too cute!

    So glad that trip was a success. New shoes, smiling baby, and a fall treat- holy cow!