Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life Lately...in numbers.

I spotted this on one of our random drives and had to get out and take a picture.  It makes me laugh...and has nothing whatsoever to do with this post.  Unless I tell you that a stop sign has 8 sides.
I recently sat through four days in a math workshop .  And in four days, pretty much the only thing I took away from it was that you should start your math instruction by having students make a list telling what is mathematical about them and share a list of your own as well.  (Side-note:  to the person who decided teachers need 60 hours of professional development...you and I are not friends...I really wouldn't mind listening to someone talk all day if I were actually learning something valuable that I could apply in my classroom...but otherwise, it is a waste of 60 hours of my time...rant over)

Anyway, here is my mathematical list.
  • Days past due date: 1
  • Days I have been pregnant: 281 I had to use a calculator for that one.
  • Pounds gained: 25
  • Pounds I hope to lose: 30 I'm putting that out there for accountability reasons.
  • Thank you notes written: 153 <---not a typo...Weston racked up on the baby gifts.
  • Time I woke up this morning: 4:22 Booooo to insomnia.
  • Trips to Sonic: 2 in the last 24 hours
  • Pieces of chocolate cake consumed: 4 in the last 24 hours
  • Episodes of The Office watched: 12 in the last 24 hours Steve Carrell, I miss you so.
  • Times a day I check Facebook: 50ish
  • Times a day I check my email: 20ish
  • Pieces of dog hair on our clothes, bed, couch, floor,  and every nook and cranny in our house: 80 bajillion...it's seriously taken over my life.
  • Weight of dog who tried to lay on top of me this morning: 52 lb.
That's about all I can think of.  I think my four days of math training paid off. 


  1. I frequent Sonic too! You look great! fun post. :)

  2. Wow! You must be so excited. Love the Office too : )