Friday, July 13, 2012

What I'm loving right now...

Dixie using Weston as her pillow
This furbaby has been extra sweet and snuggly lately.  I don't know if she senses something is going on or she just needs some extra lovin'.  Either way I'm not complaining.  Can't wait for her to meet baby brother.

Although J would never let me dress Weston this way, how cute is this?  I don't know if other mom's of boys have this problem, but it has been HARD to find cute boy outfits.  I swear every children's store I've been to is full of girly stuff and has a tiny corner for the poor boys.  If anyone has a suggestion on where to find cute clothes for boys, I would love to hear it!

I've got nothing but time on my hands lately.  So when I'm not obsessing over baby stuff, I'm also loving thinking about clothes that I will wear when I'm no longer carrying a basketball under my shirt.  Here are some looks I've pinned that I love...

Oh, skinny jeans, will we ever be friends again?
I'm thinking a skirt worn this high could be very forgiving of a few jelly rolls.

In other news, I went to the doctor today.  Baby seems content to just hang out and stay in his warm little space for the time being.  The doc thinks he will probably be a late arrival but we are hangin' in there!

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