Monday, July 9, 2012

To baby...

Dear Weston,

Thoughts of you have consumed me lately.  I have so many questions floating around in my mind about you.  What will you look like?  How will you act?  Will you be a good eater?  A good sleeper?  Will you be shy or outgoing?  Thoughtful or impulsive?  Will you be a planner like your daddy or go with the flow like mommy?  I don't know the answers to any of these questions yet, but I do know that no matter what they are...good or bad sleeper, cranky, shy, loud, will be loved unconditionally.

I have so many hopes for you, my precious baby.  I hope you learn from us the importance of family.  I hope we can be an example of how to put God and others before yourself.  I hope you learn how wonderful it is to laugh and not take yourself too seriously.  I hope we can teach you to love selflessly, work hard, enjoy simplicity, be open-minded, stand up for what you believe, be independent, give to those less fortunate, be respectful, enjoy learning, and so so many other things.   There are so many things I want to teach you and show you.  I can't wait to take you new places and see your face light up when you experience something for the first time.  But most of all, I can't wait to just hold you and tell you how much I will always love you.

Get here soon sweet boy.  Your mommy and daddy are so ready to meet you.  We love you so much already.

Here you are at 39 weeks.  Your due date is exactly one week from today!

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