Saturday, July 14, 2012

Redneck Girl?

Recently, my parents and my brother bought some land about 15 miles from where we live.  My brother and his wife are clearing trees to build a house and every once in a while J and I will drive out to look at the progress. (I'm not sure if this is a man thing or just a J thing, but he loves to drive around and look at "land"...try not to be jealous of the exciting life we's hard I know.)  So today, when asked if I wanted to go out there, my thought was "Ride around in a pick up truck on a bumpy gravel road when I'm two days from my due date?  Sure!"  Anything to get this baby moving, right?

And clad in my dress and flip flops I headed out thinking I would not be getting out of the car.  Well, as my dad says, "that's what you get for thinking," because when we got there, my brother happened to be out there working...and of course we wanted to get out and see what he was up to.  Well, in case you weren't aware,  flip flops don't mix well with ticks, snakes, or poison ivy (neither do I for that matter) so my bro offered to let me wear some boots he had in his truck.  

I only share that story to offer an explanation for this picture, which may be the most ridiculous pregnancy picture ever but was just too random not to share.

Classy, right?

And if you were like me and thinking the bumpy gravel road combined with the nine-months pregnant girl tromping around in ginormous boots might speed the labor process along...well, you'd be wrong.  


  1. This might be my favorite post to date! I'm laughing so hard. Only you could pull off this look!
    Now come on baby Weston!

  2. Your little belly is so cute! I just saw your comment on Nat the Fat Rat and wanted to say congrats on the little one! So fun!